May 21, 2013

Neoregelia carcharodon Cultivar

This a Neoregelia carcharodon Cultivar/ hybrid that Ray Coleman did from Tropiflora a few years back.
He didn't like so it was in the bargain tent at one of Tropiflora sales.

Well this plant has been sitting under a tree for many years and now I think it's time to segregate.

It had 4 flowering plant in that one pot and offsets are starting to come.

Looks like a job for my sawzall and a good cleaning.
For big plant you need big tools.

Step 1 open the pot, you need to see what your going to cut

Step 2 first cut

Step 3 last cut
Step 4 look for pots to pot them in. Maybe this should have been Step 1
 After cutting it up I found the tag and it reads Neoregelia carcharodon Giant and I got it in 4/28/2008.
I don't remember it having a name it Came from Tropiflora. I do remember talking to Ray about it at that time and he said he didn't know that was in it or he didn't want to go look it up or some thing like that.
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