May 18, 2013

Uebelmannia pectinifera

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Recommended Temperature Zone:


Frost Tolerance: Keep above 40°F (4°C) in winter, avoid any frost

Minimum Avg. Temperature: 60°F (15°C)

Heat Tolerance: Keep cool in summer

Sun Exposure: Full sun, possibly afternoon shade in summer in very hot climates

Origin: Brazil (mountain of Minas Gerais)

Growth Habits: Solitary cactus, 4 to 6 inches wide (10-15 cm), 20 inches tall (50 cm); 15 to 18 prominent ribs; close set areoles; 1 to 4 central spines, up to 0.6 inch long (1.5 cm), in the classical look, the spines are straight and give a comb-like effect.

Watering Needs: Regular water. Root prone if kept cold in winter, sometimes grafted to eliminate this problem. Enjoys humid air.

Propagation: Seeds

When I got this plant it had more of a purple colour but as you can see not so purple anymore. It was a lot smaller then.
It is also a grafted plant but don't know what it is grafted on.
It can take more cold then what said it can take.

This info comes from

It has three recognized subspecies, but a multitude of different forms exist, where each form is linked to others by populations of plants with intermediate characteristics.
  1. subsp. pectinifera: It has about 18 ribs and slowly grow up to 50 cm in height. Origin: It comes from the mountains in the higher part of the areal.
  3. subsp. flavispina: It has up to 29 ribs and can grow about 35 cm tall. Origin: west of Diamantina.
  5. subsp. horrida: Stem with more than 23 ribs (up to 40) it is the taller of the three and can reach 1 m of height. Origin: Serra do Espihaço.

 My plant only has 14 ribs. What does that mean?

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