May 24, 2013

Hechtia montana

From what I can tell (on the Net) Hechtia montana is a Hechtia what is a dark green with sharp white teeth.
My plant came from Michael's Bromeliads in Venice, FL ( )

It seems this plant may be the silver or white form of Hechtia montana
The only photo's of  Hechtia montana on the Net are green.

It is listed in the BSI Binomial but Bromeliad Encyclopedia Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies web-site has no photo.

Hechtia's that I have/had look great when small but as they get larger they are harder to work with. Hechtia's get larger then Dyckia's and for me they  are harder to sell or give away.
What is why I am getting rid of them.

This one I may try to sell as it is still small.

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Max said...

No Len.....don't do it! Ahhhhh....