May 30, 2013

More on Euphorbia's

I been re-potting my Euphorbia's and it seems like some re-seed them selfs just about any where.

If you know what they are let me know, thanks.

Euphorbia gottlebei

Looks like a miniaturized Euphorbia millii with it's narrower stems and leaves about 1/3 the width of Euphorbia millii.

Flowers very similar with rose to red-orange.

Very spiny plant but not that hard to handle.

It can grow up to 5' in the wild.

I like this one alot.

Euphorbia delphinensis

This Euphorbia milii relative from Madagascar with small leaves, that are obovate, dark green, and glossy.
Otherwise, this is a spiny shrub similar to many other E. milii types.
The flowers are small and yellow.

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