October 31, 2012

Orthophytum vagans

Orthophytum vagans

Was collected in Espirito Santo, Brazil.

Named vagans for its wandering habit. It was described in habitat Forming large mats on overhanging rocky areas.

This Orthophytum grows long and tall only to fall over. It produces multiple off-shoots from its base as well as flower head offsets.
This is one of the few bromeliads you can make cutting from.

There is also a Variegated form as far as I know it's just called Orthophytum vagans (albomarginated).

The only hybrids  I could find were:

Orthophytum 'Blaze' vagans x navioides
Orthophytum 'Blaze' vagans x navioides

Orthophytum ‘Copper Penny’ saxicola x  vagans

Orthophytum ‘Copper Penny’ saxicola x vagans


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