October 9, 2012

WBC Rare Plant Auction

The WBC Rare Plant Auction only had a few plants that I had any interest in see photo's below.

Dyckia dawsonii x (Arizona x Brittle Star small)

Dyckia reitzii rubra x Snaggletooth

Enchotia Ruby

Navia arida 
 Did not win this but, I tried
Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii green form
  I won this one
Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstii silver form
 I won this one
Orthophytum zanonii
Did not win this but, I tried

Dyckia burle-marxii and Dyckia Dakota
I have Dyckia burle-marxii already and Dyckia Dakota was not that good of a clone.
Opening bit on Dyckia Dakota was if I remember correctly was $300 and no one bit on it. Was taken off the auction with no bits but came back for the 1st person who would bid $250, it sold but not to me.

Their was one other Orthophytum in the auction but I did take a photo of it because it didn't look like a Orthophytum.
I didn't look at all the tags of the auction plants and that Orthophytum I thought was a Neoregelia.
When it came up for auction I found out it was a Orthophytum. I was red with 2 pups on stolons, very cool looking. I messed up on that one.


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