October 14, 2012

Over Stock

It seem I have way more plants what I can't sell or gave away.

What to do with all the extra plants?

Well the only way I know of is to pitch, chuck, throw or just fling them out.

It's fall and winter is on it's way.
Spring time starts with a new growing season with more plants to pot up, with some to keep and some to move out one more time.

 The 1st on the list to pitch are the Hechtia's. No one wants a big bad plant that will draw blood just looking at it. I might keep a few but most are going.
Next Deuterocohnia's I have few that are also to big and like Hechtia's they are also to "big bad plant that will draw blood just looking at it". The smaller Deuterocohnia's it seems I can't keep alive.

After that comes any plant I'm not all that happy with.
Maybe some Orthophytum, I have to many offsets on some.

Some times you get a plant and it just doen't do what you hope it would do. So if I find any out they go.


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