October 4, 2012

WBC Dyckia's enered

Some of the Dyckia's that were entered in the show.

Dyckcohnia Big Boy Deuterocohnia meziana x Dyckia Keswick

Dyckia (Arizona x choristaminea) x (Brittle Star x Paylen)

Dyckia Arizona F2
Dyckia Brittle Star f2 x Arizona

Dyckia Brittle Star F3

Dyckia 'Dakota'
Dyckia Heaven and Hell

Dyckia Mercury x reitzii rubra

Dyckia Picante

Dyckia South Bay
Dyckia gargantua

This is not all the Dyckia's that were entered, some did not look like they should be in the show.  
Badly grown, to many broken leafs or just not ready to be in a show.


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